Why choose a Levetator liquid-tank gauge for your tank?

It’s Easy to Read & Accurate

The Levetator is easy to read, even from a distance. The bright aluminum indicator with its red, highly reflective band can be seen from more than 300 feet away. Forget complicated level gauges that require batteries or electrical connections. Toss those homemade water gauges that may be unreliable. When you want an accurate level reading, choose a Levetator level gauge. What you see on the gauge is exactly the amount of liquid in your tank.


It’s Easy to Install & Simple to Use

The Levetator is easily installed on your tank roof, and everything you need (template, instructions and all the extras) is provided. Forget gauges with batteries and wires. The Levetator is a simple float/weight/pulley system that accurately performs the job it was built to do. The standard gauge features a braided nylon cord with marine-grade Delrin® pulleys and the commercial gauge features a stainless steel cable with heavy duty brass pulleys. As long as the gauge is mounted properly and the cord doesn’t touch or chafe on the roof of the tank, it can perform indefinitely. The original polyester cords on many Levetators are still on the job after 15 years of accurate readings.


Rely on the Levetator

The weighted float and indicator of the Levetator are connected to the counterweight by separate cords, each one running over a pair of large pulleys. When the float is half-immersed in your tank, everything is in balance. When the liquid level rises, the float lifts up and the counterweight moves down. When the liquid level falls, the weighted float pulls the counterweight up. The indicator always keeps pace with the float, matching the liquid level exactly. Your Levetator level gauge will provide reliable service for many years, thanks to quality materials and large, free-running pulleys.