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April 1, 2015
April 1, 2015




The Dipstik is a highly visible, floating pole-type level gauge for tanks holding liquid products. The distance between the roof of your tank and the indicator on top indicates the amount of liquid is inside you tank.

360 Degrees

With 360-degree, all-round visibility, the Dipstik is the ideal choice for many tank owners. Because it extends above the tank roof, it can be seen from far away, day or night, and in every direction. It’s the perfect solution for “cup and saucer” livestock tanks.


Animals can’t bother the Dipstik because it’s up and out of harm’s way. Livestock and wildlife can’t reach the Dipstik, and birds can’t perch on the aluminum indicator cap. Close-fitting bushingsare insect proof, keeping out even the most determined mosquitos.


A pair of aluminum tubes (1 inch diameter x 3.2 feet long) screw together to create a pole length that exceeds 6 feet. This is suitable for most tanks, but an additional 3.2-foot extension tube is available, if needed.

Smooth Operation

Smooth Operation Precision Delrin® guide bushings provide easy, non-stick, free movement of the pole. Sturdy angle braces resist wind and help reduce stress on the tank roof.

The Dipstik is a hard-working and economical gauge that will provide accurate readings for many years.

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