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December 10, 2014


Yaktek Level Gauges

No matter what you store in your tank - precious rainwater, valuable agricultural products, expensive petrochemicals or waste products - you must have an accurate reading of the tank’s contents available at all times, with the help of a Yaktek water gauge and liquid level sensor.

For three decades, Yakek Industries of Australia has produced the most reliable, rugged and popular liquid-tank gauges in that country. And now, the Yaktek water gauge and liquid level sensor is available to North American tank owners.

The Yaktek line of tank gauges includes the Levetator, the Liquidator, the Liquidator 2 and the Dipstik, each one backed by a 5-year warranty.

Compare Gauges

The Dipstik

The Dipstik is a highly visible, floating pole-type level gauge for tanks holding liquid products. The distance between the roof of your tank and the indicator on top indicates the amount of liquid that is inside your tank.

The Levetator

The Levetator is easy to read, even from a distance. The bright aluminum indicator with its red, highly reflective band can be seen from more than 300 feet away. Forget complicated level gauges that require batteries or electrical connections.

The Liquidator

The Liquidator standard tank level indicator features an external guide pipe that slides up and down on the outside of the pipe. The counterweight is inside the pipe, and only the float and cord are in contact with the liquid. This is an ideal gauge for a chemical tank or a water tank.

The Liquidator2

For those tanks that need a more versatile tank gauge solution, there is the Liquidator 2. While it operates on the same principle as the Liquidator, the aluminum indicator is driven by the weighted float and balanced by the counterweight within. The indicator slides freely up and down on the outside of the guide tube.


Product Comparison

Levetator Standard Grade
Levetator Commercial Grade
Liquidator Standard Grade
Liquidator Commercial Grade
Liquidator 2 Standard Grade
Liquidator 2 Commercial Grade
Stainless steel hardware
Marine Grade Delrin® resin pulleys
non rusting auminum level indicator
UV resistant braided nylon cord
Stainless steel cord
Non rusting aluminum pulley housing
Adjustable distance bewteen pulleys (allows for variable distance between the elvel indicatoro n the outside of the tank and the float on the inside)
Stainless steel pully housing.
Pulley bracket installation template.
Brass Pulleys
Ideal for chemical solutions or agricultural products
Does not add to the height of the tank
360 deg visibility
Become a Reseller

Rain Harvesting Supplies, Inc., the exclusive North American distributor of Yaktek products, is looking for a few outstanding dealers to sell tough, reliable Yaktek liquid-tank gauges - the Liquidator, Levetator, Levetator 2 and Dipstik.

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