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April 12, 2015
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April 15, 2015

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Must the tank be empty in order to install a Yaktek gauge?

No. Because the gauges are mounted on the tank roof, there’s no need to enter the tank.

Will high wind effect a Yaktek tank gauge?

It’s possible, but unlikely. The Levetator is relatively heavy aluminum die-casting, and the indicator doesn’t move that much. In most cases, wind is not a problem. If your tank site is exposed to extremely high winds, a wind guard made of  4-inch PVC sewer and drain pipe, which is readily available from hardware stores, or a sheet metal channel can eliminate any problems. In consistently windy areas, we suggest that you choose the Liquidator 2, because the indicator is captive on the pipe and is unaffected by high wind.

Must the gauge be mounted near the manhole?

The Levetator and Liquidator can be mounted anywhere on the tank roof. However if mounting without entering the tank is desired, the gauge must be placed near a manhole or large opening of some kind. Please note that these level gauges fit tanks as tall as 10ft high. If you have a taller tank, please call to allow us to place a custom order for you.

Will my tank’s steep roof cause a problem?

Not at all. These high-quality gauges may can be mounted on roofs as steep as 45 degrees.

How much maintenance do these tank gauges require?

Two important qualities of Yaktek level gauges: they’re tough and require minimal maintenance. We suggest you check your gauge occasionally to ensure that it is moving freely. Remove any dust buildup, spider webs or wasp nests it may have acquired. Dust and dirt could restrict the gauge’s proper movement. If necessary, use a spray of water to clean the gauge, but never lubricate it with oil, which would attract additional dust and dirt.

How long will the gauge’s cord last?

As long as the gauge is mounted properly and the cord doesn’t touch or chafe on the roof of the tank, it can last indefinitely. The original polyester cords on many Levetators are still on the job after 15 years of accurate readings.


These FAQs apply to the Levetator, Liquidator and Liquidator 2.





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