April 1, 2015
April 1, 2015




Got Tank? Need Liquidator

The Liquidator tank level indicator features an external guide tube. The indicator slides up and down on the outside of the tube. The counterweight is inside it, and only the float is in contact with the liquid. This is an ideal gauge for a chemical tank or a water tank.

Other Liquids

Because only the float contacts the liquid inside the tank, the Liquidator is ideal for tanks containing sodium silicate, waste oil, waste water, effluent, molasses, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid and many other liquid substances. Liquidator level indicators are used on fertilizer storage tanks, as well as swimming pool hypo and backwash tanks. It is the ideal gauge for fire protection water storage tanks. When it comes to tanks for fire-fighting situations, the Liquidator is the recommended solution.

Accurate & Efficient

No matter what’s inside your tank, the Liquidator reads the liquid level accurately. What you see on the gauge is the amount in your tank. Graduations can be marked on or beside the guide tube, if desired. The hard-working gauge features a stainless steel cable with heavy duty brass pulleys for a long life of accurate readings.

Added Bonuses

If you prefer, you may choose square tubes – either 2-inch square thin-wall galvanized steel or aluminum or the slightly smaller 50mm square. In addition, the die-cast aluminum indicator is “captive” on the guide tube, so it won’t be bothered by wind or other disturbances.

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